A.D.S MODEL MAKER specializes in fabricating precision and interactive scale models that visually engage beyond what traditional architectural drawings, sketches or interpretations could accomplish. Focusing on aesthetic and functionality, our scale models are used as communication tool in architecture and engineering presentations as well as gallery, showroom, museum and roadshow displays. Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse international experiences across various skills.

With the access to industrial standard equipment such as CO2 laser cutting machine and 3D printer, we cover a wide range of models, ranging from simple massing models to detailed architectural and engineering models. Our architectural division is a team focused on physical building and structural models. This covers the areas of commercial, residential, high-rise, terminal, master planning, interior and resort.

The Industrial and Engineering division focuses on non-architectural models such as petrochemical plant, oil & gas platform, factory, harbour, mechanical, oil tanker and ship models. These scale models form sculptural statements that consist of internal lighting and materials which allows the view of the interiors and sections.

A.D.S Model Maker’s fabrication is a profound commitment to finding innovative model making solutions, with the dedication to contemporary projects and the potential of modeling materials. This is achieved with the help of a working methodology and a spirit of curiosity an experimentation.
To build the permanent and lasting relationship based on trust, honesty and integrity with the Clients, Developers, Architects, Engineers and Urban Planners.
To meet the clients’ needs by keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology in model making, as well as by maintaining the quality and ensuring the models built are made with great diligence and timely delivery of projects.
To satisfy the clients by providing the best service and highest quality of models at relatively affordable and competitive price in Malaysia.  
Founder, Mathen Raj graduated with Master of Architecture from Taylor’s University, and his expertise includes architectural design, projects, construction as well as physical scale model making.Prior to the establishment of own company , Mathen had a humble start in the beginning of his career as a practicing architect in a local architectural firm and worked his way up to run his own company. Now heading A.D.S Model Maker, a company that has growing rapidly to become a well recognized architectural model making firm in Malaysia.Being the lead of the company, he is an active participant in all projects implementation where he takes part in building the model. His vision of building architectural model and service excellence will continue to guide the firm to further recognition among the architectural model making community in Malaysia.